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07 July 2008



Have a wonderful trip! Congratulations, and best of luck with the book. You are a true inspiration.


I know you had/are having a wonderful time on your San Francisco adventure. I wish I could have joined you but gas is a killer and the two hour drive would have been prohibitive. Lord, will this gas insanity ever end?

Wishing you well on your upcoming collaboration. How exciting. I have to go now and visit some of the highlighted blogs you have led us to.



my stomach hurts that i won't be able to join you for brunch on sunday. however, i can't wait to see you in person!


How exciting about the book!! Can't wait to see you next week. whoo hoo!! xx, deb


Tara, I'm green with envy at all your exciting plans. And you get to spend time with some of my favorite bloggers, too.

I'll be thinking of you all wistfully and fondly over the next weeks.

This banner is really breathtaking :)


I love the juxtaposition of the older buildings with the high rises in the background...and you're worried about taking silly girl ;-)
see ya soon! xo


I send beautiful thoughts your way, as you take your leaps of faith.


When life is good you want to squeeze out every drop. I think you are doing that -- and I'm leaping for joy that your photographs are going to be part of a book about antiques -- a marriage that was meant for you!!!

Lynne Rutter

kudos on the book deal!!!
i won;t be at blog-her, but i do how we get a chance to meet when you are in SF


I just can't believe we are actually going to be in the same country, let alone the same room!!! I am sooooo excited I can hardly stand it!!! I'm very nervous, but excited all at the same time - can't wait to give you a great big hug!!!!


A Fanciful Twist

Leaps of faith, music to my heart!! I have lept so many times, into all different paths and places... So, cheers to the new camera (and incredible collaboration) !! I hope you love it!! And cheers to the wonderful fun you are about to have!! Although, I dare say, any moment with you has some wonderful exciting adventures in store, I am sure!! Even a trip to the market from the looks of your beautiful photos!! Lots of love!! xoxoxo

My Castle in Spain

Congratulations Tara !! The book deal sounds great !
and all the travel projects as well....

Oh you're so lucky to meet all these bloggers. I just know it's going to be a wonderful exciting event.

Have LOTS of FUN !!


ps: just read your post with the Lorca poem :-)


Congratulations on your new book deal! That's terrific! Imagine the beauties you will come across... And your future travel plans also sound exciting. You're having a fabulous summer, aren't you? There's so much inspiration waiting for you...and of course YOU will be inspiring others. :)

Fifi Flowers

GREAT photo! Love SF! Haven't been the since my 13yr old was 4yr old and in a wedding... I think I am long overdue for a visit!
Thanks for visiting my site!



i want to go TOOOOOOO!!!


get lots of pictures for us so we live through your

hugs for you my darling girl:)


New ventures and adventures - your post is just bubbling over with your excitement, Tara -- and I feel excited for you! Go you! LEAP!

We'll be applauding and cheering you on, all the way~XOXO


What amazing experiences await you! And I am sure there are some waiting you don't expect! Your post bristles with excitement! Good luck to you in your ventures!


It all sounds like it's going to be so wonderful. And I'm sure it will exceed all expectations. Have fun! Beautiful banner too. And photos.

Di Overton

Thank goodness the cat is out of the bag at last. The VERY BEST of luck with your new photo/book project I just know it will be wonderful - enjoy every minute.
This Trip of yours sounds wonderful and think what you have to look forward to at the end of it - ME! :)


I'll be at Blog Her... Really hope we get to meet...You are one very Popular girl!


Your words about trust, daring leap of faith and taking a risk are so true, but at the same time so untrue(!) with the everyday reality. Keep Tara thinking and sharing with us all these spiritual ideas.


Yay for traveling! But an even bigger yay because it is to San Fran!!! Wow! Tara you'll have a blast. I wish I could attend the conference, that would be a thrill. I'll think of you having fun while I'm having fun in Punta Cana. Post photos of your adventures for us, especially all these meetings! It is all very exciting.
Love the banner, it is amazing, just wonderful!

studio wellspring

leaps of faith are so refreshing. i heart your new banner ~ so perfect for july! and i can't wait to have you back in the bay....counting down the days. xo!

Gypsy Alex

Definitely with you on all the excitement! Can't wait to have you here! besous xxoxo


Where to begin! Congratulations on your incredibly exciting book venture (or adventure?) I know you'll be more than up to the task, for you've never ceased to amaze so many of us with your brilliant photographs so far! And the trip sounds like the best -- I know how much you enjoy SF, and this sounds like it will be one of the best trips ever!

(This is a splendid quote! Inspirational for all!)

Wonders Never Cease

Boy, you're in for some fun! How exciting to be on the verge of being stretched in all kinds of new ways!


It is all wonderfully exciting!!! You and your partner will write an amazing book I know Tara!! It will be fascinating to learn new things about antiques. Also, empowering to start using a new camera! Can't wait to see the book! I will think of you/ Jordana while in San Francisco. I smile thinking of you with old and new wonderful blogging woman. SO EXCITING!

I could tell that it was Madelyn's dreamy work on your banner! It's a ten! It matches the poem by EH Murry to me.
Sometimes life is so happy!



Love the quote and love the many projects on which you will embark. I have every confidence that you will accomplish all beautifully. Sending you hugs from the Florida Keys.

robin bird

well now there you go... a small gesture of kindness results in a another gesture which no doubt will ripple along to affect some other person long past the memory our first friendly exchange.
just like as you say so perfectly in the beginning of this post:
"A leap of faith requires courage. It means considering the worst-case scenario, but still going ahead. To me, trusting a positive outcome implies belief in yourself; in the ideas of magic and possibility and in the kindness of friends and strangers alike. A daring leap of faith encourages the universe to shift to help realise one's goals. Taking a risk suggests: "I'm willing to try - let's see what we can accomplish together!"
i love this! thanks for linking up with me :)


I'm very happy for you Tara. Give Deb a hug for me, OK? Sounds like you will be very busy and it will be tough finding time to get to the sticks. I'd come to you in a heartbeat if I could but I'd love a phone call to hear your voice, OK?. :) XXOO

Relax and take it all in. Enjoy!


Hi sweetie,

Can't wait for your next visit, just right around the corner!

I will be sure to check out all of your lovely links, too. I can't wait to see what else you'll be up to (when you're not with me, of course). And I hope Jordanna does come out to visit.

That photo of the fog creeping in is so great.


Yes, yes, yes, these are very good leaps of faith.


Karen Cole

You certainly are one busy, lucky girl.

So many travels, a new camera, a book collaboration.

Happy travels, Tara.

chocolate covered musings

wow. wow. wow.
so much stuff going on, it sounds like you have some AMAZING adventures planned.

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