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28 November 2007



haha - that cell phone camera reminds me that we often snuck things into our "creations" - that were to be done TO THE LETTER as they had been designed either by corporate or a guest designer - or, rarely, by our team - and we couldn't help having a tiny bit of fun (such as sunglasses on faux marble busts, tiaras on dogs, neckties trailing from back pockets....) This makes me think also of the time I forgot my shoes (that I always ended up taking off as I crawled around) in the FRONT of a scene....that translates to *up against the window glass* - !!

My Melange

That first window..that girl got a bad weave ;) Thanks for the great photos Tara!


I'm in LOVE with these windows. CREATIVE! Thank YOU again for letting us spy through your lens. Bravo!


Wonderful wondows , I love to be in Paris for christmas season , this year I will not be able to make it . I like your next post about the 2nd war . I didn't know about it

ali la loca

Oh, I am dying for that chandelier!!!

Love the windows. Makes me want to go shopping!

Seemingly, I am able to post on Typepad from my office. Yay!!


Not to be a wet blanket, but I'm still crying from the war orphans post. I can't bear that sort of thing.


A Fanciful Twist

Totally scream worthy incredible!! MY Goodnesss!! Hahahaa!!! LOVE IT!!! How over the top!! And I thought Gold was out!! I want those gold slouchy boots!!!


These window shots are so stunning with your
pefect reflections of the buildings ~ it is like
a feast of a cinematic wonder!


Kimberly Ann

I absolutely j'adore these windows. Thank you so much for posting them; it is my little morning trip to Paris, with a cup of tea by my side. Love it!


This is my favorite time of year to hit your blog - the photos are just divine. I wish Faith and I could come visit either during Christmas or Fashion week.. and we could all have fun together.

Denise Fontaine

Wow I want this outfit! What inspiration! Looks almost like my Marie A. shoe..Ullabenla was so nice to blog.I am saving this blog too...


What gorgeous windows from imaginative designers. My hair looks like that in the a.m., but a brown/greying version.


So pretty!

Pam Aries

What BEEUTIFULL photos ! It makes me feel Christmasy!


Thank you Tara! I always want to go to Paris at this time of the year to see all those beautiful things and lights! Can't this visiting your blog is another way to do it! Thanks! :)

Continue please...


Fantastic! I've never managed to be in Paris for the holiday season so it's great to be able to get a preview of the store windows here. So dreamy and magical.

Laini Taylor

Holy. . . wow. Beautiful! I just sent Jim the link for possible illustration reference. These are just gorgeous!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Is that first one a sweater, or a dress, or both? I love it.
Keep these coming, they are wonderful-you are spoiling us!


Wow, wow, wow!! What a FUN job that would be, to make those windows. It's art, really and truely. And I love seeing the reflection of Paris in the glass.



(((Tara))) thank you so much for the beautiful birthday wishes you left on my blog!! xoxoxoxoxo


the art of window decor!!
the decorator must have the wildest dreams...


Looks like it's all about hair in Paris ... and fur and feathers and animals!! What are they trying to say???

Bibbi Forsman

Extravagance, that we lack in Sweden, happy you bring it. Nice of you to link, thanks for Norway!


Oh... how lovely! To be in Paris at Christmas. The stuffed critters make me a tad nervous ... animal lover that I am... but everything else is fabulous! Thanks so much for bringing a bit of Paris home for the holidays!

Di Overton

I can't believe I'm missing those Xmas windows this year. Though your photos make up for it. WONDERFUL


That's wild! Very cool.


These store windows are incredible. I think that fox in the background was "leering"!! Why would they have included a phone in the lovely table setting? Very urban but totally took away from the window setting. Loving those gold lame boots!!


That fabulously imaginative architectural knitwear looks as if it might be by Sandra Buckland -- wonderful, wonderful, windows! Thanks Tara.

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